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Joongho YUM depicts the marginal place that is usually overlooked, instead of the glittering facade and breathtakingly refined structure of the metropolis. In the unreached corners of the city, Yum uses his keen observation to microscopically scrutinize our lives for trivial things. But, he does not empathize with the objects in his pictures, and rather takes an indifferent stance in expressing them in his pictures. Everyday scenery that usually just pass us by become strange and doubtful subjects in his work. Yum majored in photography at Chung-Ang University and art theory et unversite aris VIII and now works in Seoul and Paris . Some of his solo exhibitions include, Joongho YUM . Private life (Seonam Art center, Seoul, 1999), Millionaire and a lady (Il Ju Art Center, Seoul, 2001), Nouvelles Frontieres (One And J Gallery, Seoul, 2007), Now that I don’t know (One And J Gallery, Seoul, 2009), The Taste of Others (One And J Gallery, Seoul, 2012), Let’s Remain Courteous (Hite Collection Art center, Seoul, 2013), I didn’t see anything but the blue window-blind (SSmadang gallery, Cheonchun, 2014) and some of his group exhibitions are Sungkok art museum (Seoul, 1999), Busan museum of modern art (Busan, 1999), 3rd Gwangju Biennale (2000), Seoul museum of art (2001), Nagoya art center (Nagoya, 2002), Seoul museum of art (Seoul, 2004), A positive view (Somerset House, London, 2010), One And J at Pierre Koenig Case study House21 (LA, 2010), Moments Unfolded (Shinsegae Gallery, Seoul, 2011), Art Sunje Center (Seoul, 2014), Somewhere out There (space bm, Seoul, 2014),Neutre Era ( Space Boan 1942 , 2015 ) URBAN SYNESTHESIA